Wes Kitts

Be the best at whatever you do

From childhood to adulthood, my father has been my unwavering source of inspiration. Introduced to the world of weightlifting by his side, I eagerly embraced his ethos of determination and resilience. His belief in my potential fueled my journey, instilling in me an unshakable confidence and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Beyond the realm of sports, he ingrained in me a mindset of unwavering dedication, pushing me to excel academically and in every endeavor I pursued. His words, "Be the best at whatever you do," echo in my mind, propelling me forward with an unyielding drive. 

Creatine is vitally important for performance in anaerobic sports and has been scientifically proven to be. With weightlifting being so anaerobic in nature, it is a must. Because it is so important I wouldn’t trust just any company to source my creatine. Only the best. I train longer and harder and recover better on Creapure® and it is a part of my daily supplement routine!

Because I am an Olympic sport athlete, everything I put in my body is under very high scrutiny! I can not risk accidentally taking a banned substance by taking supplements that aren’t third party tested. You never know where some of these things are manufactured and this is why Creapure® is such a great option. I can always know I’m good in their hands!


Wes Kitts

Birthday: 22.05.1990
Discipline: Weightlifting
  • 8th Place Olympics Tokyo 2020 -109kg
  • 1st Place Pan American Games Lima 2019 -109 kg
  • 1st Place Pan American Championships Bariloche 2023 -109kg
  • 1st Place Pan American Championships Guatemala City 2019 -109kg
  • 1st Place Pan American Championships Santo Domingo 2018 -105kg
  • 2nd Place Pan American Championships Miami 2017 -105kg