The Flythenics

They are Flythenics - a dynamic and very experienced calisthenics team that belongs to the world elite in the sport. The power trio from Frankfurt shares their passion to a broad following through impressive content creation. For over 10 years, they have practiced calisthenics at a professional level and have already appeared on various TV shows and have been part in numerous collaborations.

In 2021, Creapure® supported the guys from Flythenics on their North America competition tour to New York, Los Angeles and México. Flythenics, the strongest calisthenics team in Germany, were on tour for 6 weeks through North America. This clip was produced during their trip.



Discipline: Calisthenics

Team Flythenics: 3 freestyle calisthenics and street workout athletes, content creators and influencers from Frankfurt, Germany

Korash Kabir

  • @flyingkorash

  • 4x German Champion in Calisthenics

  • Athlete of the year in Frankfurt

Thanh Nguyen

  • @latwist

  • German Vice-Champion

  • 5x International Champion in Calisthenics

Dion Jamison

  • @dionjamison

  • German Champion

  • International Champion in Calisthenics