The Bavarian Soccer Association

The Bavarian Soccer Association (BFV) is the biggest of the 21 DFB state associations and the largest organized sports association in Bavaria. Over 4500 clubs with a total of over 1.6 million members are part of the BFV. The diverse tasks of the BFV include the organization of the entire amateur league in Bavaria with over 25,000 teams in all age groups and from the C-class up to the state level (13,000 games on a match-day weekend). BFV responsibilities also cover promotion and young talent, training and further education of coaches and referees, as well as the continuous development of (technical) offers for modern game operations across all age groups.

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The Bavarian Soccer Association

Birthday: 1.6.1946
Discipline: Soccer

Interest representation of the Bavarian football clubs in the DFB:

  • 4.530 Clubs

  • 1.607.726 Members

  • 25.554 Teams