"Rising to the next level"

Creapure®, the synonym for purity and performance in powerlifting, announces a partnership with the TBB OPEN SERIES. This is an exciting opportunity for both parties to collaborate and promote the sport of powerlifting.

What is the TBB OPEN SERIES?

The TBB OPEN SERIES is a competition series that pushes the boundaries in powerlifting. The motto is RISING TO THE NEXT LEVEL. The mission is to make the sport professional at all levels and scale the growth while creating unique local experiences. The events are open to all powerlifting athletes, regardless of their age, gender, or experience. The winners of each event qualify for the grand finale, where they compete for the ultimate prize and glory.

Why Creapure®?

"Creatine is an essential component in the diet of almost all powerlifting athletes, and Creapure® stands for the highest quality and purity. Science confirms the effect of creatine on maximum strength. It can boost your performance and help you to break your personal records. It's a decisive factor for performance powerlifting. The combination of efficient technique and the strength development that Creapure® supports takes our athletes to new levels. ““We are proud to have Creapure® as a partner for the entire TBB OPEN SERIES. Their support and commitment for quality and purity help us to realize our vision of professionalization and further development of the sport,” says Manuel Ried, powerlifting coach and event manager of the TBB OPEN SERIES.

Are you ready to join the TBB OPEN SERIES and experience the power of Creapure®? Visit their websites and follow them on social media to learn more and register for the next event. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to challenge yourself and have fun with other powerlifting enthusiasts. RISE TO THE NEXT LEVEL with Creapure® and TBB OPEN SERIES!



Birthday: 2023
Discipline: Powerlifting