Dra. Carolina Díaz Encinas

Put muscle in your life. It's the best medicine!"

I’m passionate about health sciences and want to help individuals achieve their fitness and health goals.

From a young age, I have always loved being active, competing in sports like soccer and swimming. I eventually found my passion for weight training and discovered my true calling for living and promoting the fitness lifestyle. 

As a physician, it is my priority to improve my clients’ health and exercise performance to prevent common chronic degenerative diseases. In order to reach a lot of people and have a big impact for well-being, I have created an international online program, comprised of medical specialists and nutritionists. 

Creapure® is an effective supplement to increase muscle mass, performance and strength. Creatine plays a central role in the metabolism and to maintain and increase muscle mass. It can help to improve fitness and health throughout the lifespan.

Learn more about CaroFitness: https://carofitness.com/ 


Dra. Carolina Díaz Encinas

Birthday: 31.03.1992
Discipline: Medical Doctor & Personal Trainer
  • Graduated from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara
  • CEO of Carofitness® international online medical, nutrition and strength training program
  • Personal Trainer certified in sports nutrition and accredited to conduct training in hip replacement patients by ISSA