Moritz Wieser

"When you have given your best, you have nothing to lose!"

Striving for the perfect shot, always delivering the same performance despite various weather conditions - that’s what fascinates me about archery. I have been competing with great passion for multiple years now and my daily routine is perfectly coordinated to meet the sport’s demand. Archery is a precision sport and requires maximum mental and physical performance in every situation.

Creapure® provides me with the strength I need to perform at my best and it enables me to recover more efficiently. I’m an Olympic Athlete and under observation by the National Anti-Doping Agency. I have to be very careful about the purity of the products I consume. For this reason, Creapure® is my first choice for creatine monohydrate.


Moritz Wieser

Birthday: 03.07.2000
Discipline: Archery Recurve
  • 7 times German Champion

  • 5th place European Cup 2017

  • 9th place World Championship 2017

  • 17th place European Cup 2019

  • 2nd place European Club Teams Cup 2019

  • 13th place The Vegas Shoot