Brand Partners of Creapure®

Allow us to introduce you to our brand partners. Our brand partners are both fitness experts, as well as food and food supplement manufacturers.
With our fitness partners, we regularly organize and host showcases that we are present at various events, such as the Spartan Race or World Fitness Day, where we can answer questions about Creapure®. An optimal complement to the use of Creapure® are also numerous food products, such as the smoothies made by frooggies.

Spartan Race
The world's largest series for obstacle courses

The Spartan Race is the leading Obstacle Race series and offers races for all levels of fitness. Whether for couch potatoes or Olympic champions, the Spartan Race guarantees a highly personal experience. As the first of its kind, it maintains global rankings and offers participants the opportunity to compete with the rest of the world. With Creapure®, you can train longer, more persistently and efficiently, and shorten your regeneration time. Optimize your challenge! Or as the Spartans say: "You'll know at the finish line! AROO!"

Discover Fitness in a new dimension!

The best brands – the latest trends. WORLD FITNESS DAY – become part of the biggest fitness festival in the world. 35,000 m² – 8 worlds of experience – 6 stages. Your platform. Pure motivation and inspiration. Discover what is best suited for you. Discover a new dimension of fitness.

Achieve goals with Creapure®

In an XLETIX Challenge, you must overcome a challenging running course filled with obstacves as part of a team. This obstacle course is an indication of strength, endurance, courage, will power, and especially team spirit. The motto of the XLETIX Challenge is "A Team, A Goal!" as many of the obstacles are constructed so that they can only be overcome as a team. Clear goals help your focus in training! More than 70% of people who register for a Xlethix Challenge maintain their training goal, and manage to go through!

Quest Club
Fitness partner of Creapure®

Quest Club Rosenheim – more than fitness, yoga, personal training, Les Mills, functional training, TRX, cycling, etc. "Quest Club: get more out of life" – more motivation, more friends, more family, more vitality, more energy, more adventure, more fun. The Quest Club is more than a traditional gym, a club with interesting members for whom sport and a relationship with nature is important in life. More life with Creapure® and the Rosenheim Quest Club.

frooggies and Creapure® – the perfect supplement

frooggies [fruu-tsch-iis] – the natural and flavorful supplement for drinks, smoothies, muesli and much more. Fruit powders from frooggies are 100% natural, without added sugars and free of additives – a pure and natural product made of gently dried and finely ground fruit. And otherwise? Nothing! frooggies and Creapure® – complete your delicious smoothie by adding Creapure®.